Dave Fenley's New Album Released!


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  1. Blue Eyed Suicide Dave Fenley
  2. Ain't Lonely Yet Dave Fenley
  3. Devil I Don't Wanna Dance With Dave Fenley
  4. Mine All Mine Dave Fenley
  5. Love Looks Good On You Dave Fenley
  6. She's Fine (Eden's Song) Dave Fenley

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  1. Good Day Dave Fenley
  2. Wild Kids Wild Nights Dave Fenley
  3. Really Good Man Dave Fenley
  4. My Life My Way Dave Fenley
  5. Beautiful World (Part 2) Dave Fenley
  6. Not The One Dave Fenley
  7. River Sonnet Dave Fenley
  8. Sooner Dave Fenley
  9. Get My Hands on You Dave Fenley
  10. Effortless Dave Fenley
  11. Fallen Dave Fenley

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  1. It’ll Be Alright David Fenley
  2. This Day David Fenley
  3. Pocket Full of Dirt David Fenley
  4. East Texas Lullabye David Fenley
  5. Beautiful World David Fenley
  6. Music Whore David Fenley
  7. Again David Fenley
  8. Good Boy David Fenley
  9. You Can Come Over David Fenley
  10. If the Beer Stores Closed at Noon David Fenley
  11. The Way You Look Tonight David Fenley
  12. Satisfied Mind David Fenley

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