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After Dave’s Audition on “The Voice “

Dave Fenley After Show

WHAT A NIGHT!!! Congrats to everyone! #sllpb SPREAD LOVE LIKE PEANUT BUTTER! #fatvote #teamblake #voicepremiere @nbcthevoice #mamasboy #neckhug

Posted by Dave Fenley on Monday, October 1, 2018

“Hey everybody! I just want to say that was one hell of a show. I want to say congratulations first to everybody who made a team tonight. I’m over the moon for everyone. It’s amazing. Everybody who had become my friends and even the people who didn’t get a chair turned did phenomenal. What a blessing this has been. What a night. It’s been crazy watching it and seeing your reactions. I’m humbled to the core. I couldn’t be more grateful. Stay tuned because there is lots coming and if it goes to voting we need your help. Just keep watching “The Voice.” Thank you, “The Voice”, for letting me be part of this amazing process. Spread love like peanut butter on everybody because that shit matters and I love you all. Thank you” ~ Dave Fenley

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